One Pan Garlic Chicken and Gravy

One Pan Garlic Chicken and Gravy

Everyone loves easy recipes that have a minimal of ingredients and doesn’t take a culinary school to make. A One Pan Garlic Chicken and Gravy is a recipe that will be made in your house again and again. (Assuming no one is allergic to garlic or chicken!) With one pan, seven ingredients, and 45 minutes you have a dinner that will have everyone wanting seconds!

Did you notice that this is a garlic chicken dish? A chicken dish that has 20 cloves of garlic. That is almost half or all of a bulb of garlic. My tastebuds are tingling at the thought! Not only is the chicken cooked in the pan in the oven, the garlic and gravy are also made in the same pan. This will save you time and dishes later!

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